Tombow Professional Mono Pencil for Writing and Drawing with Mono Eraser, Set of 12- 6H

Tombow Professional Mono Pencil for Writing and Drawing with Mono Eraser, Set of 12- 6H

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  1. Solid, High Quality, Lon-lasting: These Tombow Professional Mono Pencils are made of environmentally friendly and all-natural materials. The graphite leads are quite solid and break-resistant, giving them excellent long-lasting strength and eliminating the need to sharpen them repeatedly. 
  2. Comfortable Hold: These pencils are quite sturdy and designed in a way so that they don't easily slip away and fit quite comfortably in your hands. They don't roll off the table, are super convenient to control, and do not hurt the hands.

  3. Versatile: The graphite used in these pencils is smooth and easily blendable. The high-density structure of the lead makes smooth and dark lines on the paper. These pencils are designed explicitly for professional drafting and drawing and are suitable for even delicate & detailed illustrations and textured shading. 

  4. Exquisite Gift: This exquisite fun mono pencil is an excellent gift for kids, teens, and even adults to express their creative ideas. It can satisfy your different requirements for art drawing. It is quite a fancy pencil for writing, drawing, and drafting, which students love to have.

  5. Exceeding Expectations: We aim to provide top-quality mechanical pencils to meet and even exceed all your expectations. If you are unsatisfied with our product, we even offer a no-questions-asked replacement or refund.

Mono 100 Pencil set of 12-6H is perfect for both general and technical writing needs. In terms of the pencil's lead, body, and design, it is the top-quality model of our Mono Pencil series. Get smooth and dark lines because of the high-density structure of graphite lead. Gold letters engraved on the shiny jet-black body give it a unique, extraordinary look.

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